Thursday, September 28, 2023

“The biggest risk of all is not taking one.”

- Mellody Hobson

We Invent.We combine. We create.

We Invent.We combine. We create.

Our Portfolio

Costa Rica Divers

Scuba Diving Center

Go Explore With me

Expeditions and Tours

Manta Rica

Sports Equipment Store

Valde Media

SEO & Digital Agency

… and more coming soon!

We let things grow on fertile ground by investing in ideas that may seem crazy. Maybe we are crazy, too. But doesn't the world need crazy people? That's what Totiuso is.

Investor Relations

Totiuso Group invests its time and capabilities in developing out-of-the-box projects that are challenging by design. We specialize in the Costa Rican market, where we are based, but we also develop international projects. We are open to new investors looking to enter the market, using the solutions we have prepared or our knowledge and experience to build a new project. To discuss your needs, contact us by email: [email protected]