Whale watching in Costa Rica.

Whale watching is one of the biggest natural attractions in Costa Rica. This is not an attraction only for tourists. Even locals flock to places where you can see these great animals live. Every year, people come to Quepos and Uvita to see this amazing spectacle with their own eyes.

During this time, humpback whales migrate to this area to give birth. The water temperature and the richness of food sources offer them ideal conditions. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to admire adults and young animals.

Why do whales migrate to Costa Rica?

Do you like to spend winter in warm countries? Certainly yes. Big humpback whales too. This is the main reason for their migration, which takes place from two directions every year. The first group of whales are those who live in the waters of California, and when it gets too cold they move to the warm waters of Costa Rica.

The second group are those animals that live in and around Antarctica. When it gets too cold for them there, they migrate along Chile and Ecuador to the tropical waters of Central America. In the waters of Costa Rica, adult whales give birth to young, which have perfect conditions for development here.

This is also one of the leading theories about migration to Costa Rican waters. In these areas, young humpback whales are more secure. There are not so many predators here that could threaten young whales. In addition, warm waters just let them grow faster.

For the first year of their life they feed on mother’s milk, thanks to which they grow up to 8 meters in length!

Whale watching in Costa Rica the best time and place for humpback whales
Whale watching in Costa Rica

It’s time not only for whales.

During this time, not only whales can be observed around Uvita. It is also a time when many other animals can be observed in the water. With a little luck, you’ll also see different species of dolphins.

Whale watching season in Costa Rica

The whale watching season in Costa Rica begins in mid-July and lasts until the end of October and even until the beginning of November. It is the southern Pacific coast that humpback whales love as a birthplace.

This creates a unique opportunity to watch whales in their natural environment. It is definitely worth including this attraction in your travel plan.

Where to watch whales in Costa Rica? The best places.

Of course, whale watching tour involves sailing into the ocean to meet these animals on their trails. You will find many companies that organize trips during which the most reliable places are visited. The most popular of these trips can be found at Marina Pez Vela in Quepos and Parque Marino Ballena in Uvita.

Am I guaranteed to see a whale?

From the available tours, you can choose the one that suits you best. Different options adapt to different budgets or available time. However, remember that these are wild animals and no organizer will guarantee that you will be lucky.

However, even if you can’t see a big humpback whale, it won’t be a waste of time. The beauty of Costa Rica is visible every day and provides the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views or local animals.

whale watching costa rica price best time
Whale watching in Costa Rica

What does a whale trip look like?

Whale watching trips usually take two to four hours. It is important to choose a reputable tour operator who can offer safety and follow procedures. Remember that all sea creatures are wild animals in their natural habitat, and you are a guest here.

Safety measures must be taken and the stress that our presence may cause on animals should be minimized. An experienced guide knows that you need to keep the right distance, move at a low speed and not spend too much time with the same group of whales.

The best tour operator for whale watching

As we mentioned earlier, trips vary in price and standard. You can go on a cheap and short trip on a small boat or choose an offer that will provide you with higher comfort. The whale trip lasts several hours, so make sure that the toilet, drinks and snacks or even a full meal are available on the boat.

Remember that this is your vacation so giving up comfort may not be the best solution. If you have questions or are looking for the right whale tour operator, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and advise you on the best option.

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Whale watching – photo safari

Whale watching is the best thing to do in Costa Rica. Don't miss it!
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