What you should know about Costa Rica? 10 interesting facts

Costa Rica is a country that is not as popular as other tropical countries. So, it’s worth getting to know trivia and little-known facts about this little country. If you are planning a vacation in this country and are asking yourself what you should know about Costa Rica, this text will answer most of your questions. We invite you to read.

What you should know about Costa Rica? Facts and curiosities

  1. Costa Rica does not have a regular army
    One of the biggest curiosities is that Costa Rica has no armed forces. This country was the first in the world to formally dismantle the armed forces. A constitution has been in force since 1949, which prohibits the creation of a permanent army. Costa Rica also has no territorial disputes with other countries.
  2. Not just tropical heat
    Costa Rica is very diverse when it comes to terrain. The country has access to two large water bodies, from the west it is the Atlantic Ocean and from the east the Caribbean Sea. However, you will find here not only tropical hot beaches, but also places where it will be cold! The highest mountain is Cerro Chirripó, 3820 meters high, where temperatures drop below freezing.
  3. Christopher Columbus reached Costa Rica
    In 1502, the fourth expedition of Christopher Columbus led him to the coast of Central America, which was later considered the discovery of America. Columbus expected to find great wealth and innumerable amounts of gold here, which was to be confirmed in the stories of local people. For this reason, he called the area a “rich coast” or in Spanish – Costa Rica.
  4. The people of Costa Rica are called “Tico”
    Residents of this country usually call themselves “Tico”, which is generally accepted and even welcome. This term comes from diminutive used in Spanish with the ending “ico”. This way of speaking adopted in Costa Rica, and its inhabitants began to be called “Tico”.
    what I should know about Costa Rica tico plantation
    Bananas in Costa Rica
  5. Four items on the UNESCO list
    There are four items from Costa Rica on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. These are the La Amistad national park, the entire area of Cocos Island, the protected area of Guanacaste and pre-Columbian settlements of the Diquis people with stone balls.
  6. A huge hidden treasure
    Adventurers will certainly be warmed up by information about the hidden and still unrecovered treasure. And we are talking here about unimaginable wealth, because according to specialists, the value of hidden goods today is as much as $ 1 billion! The secret dates back to 1820 when all valuables were removed from Lima to protect them from looting. Treasures have not been found to this day, and all traces lead to Costa Rica, and more precisely to the Coconut Island.
  7. There are no addresses or street names here
    One of the biggest curiosities is the fact that Costa Rica does not use addresses in the form that is known from around the world. The streets here have no names and houses have no numbers. All addresses are given very roughly describing the distance from a characteristic point such as a church or school, often adding the color of the house or the number of floors. Addresses in this format, which is not surprising, often cause great confusion.
  8. Very high traffic fines 
    All traffic offenses are punishable by very high fines and breaking road rules simply does not pay off. However, it should be added that in Costa Rica people drive calmly and road aggression is almost unheard of.
  9. A country of many volcanoes
    In Costa Rica you will find dozens of volcanoes, and some of them are still active. The latest activity was in the Poás volcano, which woke up in August 2019. Many of these volcanoes are open to the public, and guided tours can also be found on our website.
  10. Costa Rica is a country full of coffee
    Costa Rican coffee has good reputation and recognition around the world. Not without reason, because this country has specialized in the cultivation of coffee since 1779, when coffee beans were imported here from Jamaica. Costa Rica ranks 13th on the list of world coffee exporters.
    what you should know about Costa Rica coffee plantation
    Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great country!

As you can see there are many curiosities that are not widely known but which add a special charm to Costa Rica. You will certainly discover many more during your visit to this country that will leave unforgettable memories of your journey. Now you know more about Costa Rica, it’s definitely worth considering this country as your next vacation destination. Remember that we are waiting for you here and we will gladly answer any questions. Please contact us.

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